Gaza siege

By: Hedaya shamun

Gaza siege is the black live to people in Gaza, But Palestinian make lives through the death, this is the foxed idea of the film, that protected from women’s affairs center, The Name of the new Documentary film is “ Syaag” meaning siege that Israeli Occupation obliged on Gaza Strip since 2004

Sayma and Faheed , are the foxed on the film, all of them try to still alive under the siege in there special way, The first Sayma she’s around 40 years, she went to Irez border near Israli area just to college the small stones, may she worked around 8 hours under the sunshine, and she was the only women in that area, this work is new it’s appear under the pushing to needs to the people, she one of the poor family in Gaza, she want to do anything’s to their children, her husband sick didn’t have any chance to work, so she pay this stones for little money just help her, and her family to still alife, and didn’t asked people to help them.


Sayma’s work is dangerous, sometimes Israeli solider shoot anyone becomes around, many people injured or killed but Sayma said:” we are dying every day so what’s the different, I’ll still working and try to save my family in my way, I can’t stay and waiting koponat from anyone”

Fahed another one in the film, he was injured before 2 years, he is still weak, but haven’t any choice for his family living, he have big mind, more experience, he seems older man while he just 22 years.

Fahed said:” My family independ on me at all, there no rescored to us just my work in Elanfaq ( Rafah Tunnels), I found my self in trouble situation, trying to ensure many Responsibilities on my neck, so I search long time to any work, but the city become dark and hard to some one like me.”

Fahed become more sad when he said:” This life for the animals, even them can’t carry this kind of life, but to feel I’m still alife I work more than 18 hours carrying heavy things, become under the floor more than 30 meter’s, it’s seems we are machine not human, but this what I have to enhance my family economic, to have milk to the kids, to have food and cloths just necessary things, My Dreams& ambition go away, I feel haven’t any dignity.”Fahed stopped to talked he’s teats full his face.

Suddenly he complete:” Palestinian youth lost here!? They have many problems, They lost their Dreams& hopes, their lifes, there education, Just thinking of their poor family, some of them to carry this bad work they have Droms&Tramal to still strong and stop feeling of any pains, some of them didn’t sleep 2 day’s they become up normal, always under purchase, what can I said??!”

In another hand Israeli plans attacked us suddenly one time’s I was under the floor when Israeli plane attacked us, I stroke 18 day’s injured alone, no one can helped me, I saw die in my eyes I felt it near me, so what can I explain more than this!!?” Fahed said

Fahed now very weak he have problems in his health, his suddenly felt when he walked, he lost her health, his education, even his family still suffering of poverty.

And about reason Fahed said :” Poor and the siege are most reason of our situation that make us in this case, Mother just asked our God every times she saw me to Blass me, always she said to me thanks God you still alive”

Honestly, Fahed is one of many Palestione youth lost their futcher because of the siege On the long term their demands flying while Hamas& Fateh didn’t chived the Palestine Reconciliation they freeze all neglect Palestine people ambition& dreams.

Eventually This Film appear Gaza under the siege still trying to live& to send message to the Design maker that, there’s many things important than there oddels.

“Syeeg” Trying to deliver the message in 20 minutes, The director Itemad Washah From WAC said that:” we trying to tell the world what is the effect of the siege on Palestinion People, and we hope their voice will heard“

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