People in Gaza are Human too

By: Hedaya shamun

Here in This Piece of the world, we born, live in suffering day by day, it's now 63 years Israeli attacked our village, cites and take Palestinian under their custody , now the new generation – us- born in camps, simple lives, poor , still trying to have our life, I have my life under bombing, war, siege, killing, it's semes dead didn't finished, I have 2 kids now they are 6 years ago, I'm thinking all the time, can they live in peace anytime? I'm afraid all the time they'll suffering like us, lost their life under war, violence,

In Gaza Now people life in bad situation, unemployment raise around 45% it's very high present, Anowrwa(UN) said in many reports there's 300 000 Palestinian people under hard poverty and will need their helping, Poor In Gaza Strip more than 80% now, there's no work, no chance to the young people, no fetcher too, many Palestinian family to hold on they married theirs young girls in early marriage, some of their boys left schools and become labour child, there's around 300 child under 18 years working in bad situation, under unhuman case.


The families have lacked control of their lifes because of poor& needs simply thing to hold on.

According to UN there's 66% Palestinian families under high level of poverty, all this number meaning hard& dangers situation in Gaza,

We all need to breath, to fly away, it's like big prison and we are lost our freedom at all, everywhere every time we under hand of death, many Dreams we lost, many choices we lost to education to travel, to empower our self, There's many Palestinian youth thinking of imagination but the felt, girls trying to have any work even it wasn't suitable of there education, so they give up and sitting at home waiting to marry or lost more years of their liFe without anything.

Siege is disaster , it's un legit of Palestion People, they are human too, need to have there's life, to have freedom. We need to raise it's more than 4 years now, That's enough in this lie world saying manything under Human rights charters so did they noticed that we too are human?!

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